Recipe Ideas

At craft fairs, we’re usually asked, “How can I use this?”  You’ll find some recipe ideas on the website, at the bottom of each products’ page, but here’s a quick guide to the sauces:

Original Flavor-Burst Dressing & Sauce: we created this dressing for salads, but also add it to dips, as a sauce for cold noodle dishes, for stir-frying, tossing with edamame, over tofu, and one of our customers even uses it as a base for his barbeque sauce & beef jerky.

Garlic Marinade & Sauce: we use this sauce to toss fried chicken, as a seasoning for burgers or meatballs, for stir-frying, for fried rice, for quinoa dishes, over tofu, over soybeans (you’ll want to add a little oil to it for this), as a dipping or finishing sauce for fish, and even add it to hot noodle soups.

Miso Marinade & Dressing: for you miso lovers, this is a great salad dressing; if you prefer a more mild miso taste, you can also add some mayonnaise to it to lighten the taste.  For those of you who love cooked tako (octopus), this is a perfect dipping sauce.  We use it to marinate fish (mostly salmon), chicken, and tofu, but it can also be used as a seasoning for burgers or meatballs, stir-frying, or anything you can think of.

The best thing about these sauces, is that you can be creative with them……the possibilities are endless!