Garlic Marinade & Sauce (12-pack)

Garlic Marinade & Sauce (12-pack)


The Garlic Marinade & Sauce (12-pack) includes 12 bottles of our Garlic Marinade & Sauce

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One of our favorite flavors is garlic.  We like to add it to almost everything around here….and if you do too, this might be the perfect sauce for you!

You can marinate any protein of your choice with this sauce, or use it as more of a finishing sauce for any cooked protein.  It makes a great stir-fry sauce as well.  On the simpler side, we like to add it to cooked edamame (soybeans) for a quick & easy snack.  One friend uses this for his homemade beef jerky marinade, and it is delicious!  I use it to season fried rice, and most recently for garlic mushroom quinoa (YUM!).  It tastes equally delicious on some plain, cold tofu too!

Thank you for trying our Garlic Marinade & Sauce; we hope you enjoy it!


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