Miso Marinade & Dressing (18-pack)

Miso Marinade & Dressing (18-pack)


The Miso Marinade & Dressing (18-pack) includes 18 bottles of our Miso Marinade & Dressing

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We created this product for the miso-lovers in our life.  It works best as a marinade for fish — we like to use it on salmon or butterfish — chicken & pork.  We usually marinate fish, chicken, or pork in this sauce overnight.  For those miso-lovers, you can also use this as a dressing for your salads, or a dipping sauce for your cooked tako (octopus)….but be warned, the miso flavor is quite strong this way!  For a more subtle miso flavor, mix the sauce with some mayonnaise before using as a dressing or dipping sauce.

Thank you for trying our Miso Marinade & Dressing; we hope you enjoy it!


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